Contributing material to the Goring Gap News

Articles / Letters / Obituaries

News and articles of local interest, original poems, drawings and photographs are invited for the Editor’s consideration. As a length guideline one GGN page, without any graphics, typically contains about 1,000 words.

The Editor also welcomes short letters - no more than 250 words - for consideration and also reserves the right to edit them. Letter writers must make their identity known to the Editor. Normally letters will be published with the writers name, unless, exceptionally, the Editor agrees otherwise.

Pieces for Lives Remembered, a section containing obituaries of local residents, should be accompanied by a photo which GGN can use to produce 4cm x 4cm phootgraph of the person showing their head and shoulders, preferably face on. Please provide this photo at the highest resolution available.

Items for inclusion in the Diary and Forthcoming Events sections should provide breif details of the event and include all of: Date, Time, Location, and how to acquire any ticket that may be needed. These sections are also posted on each month.

In all the cases above please do not use words in capitals (ecept for acronyms), or make words bold for emphasis. Please italicize names of works of Art, Music etc.

Our preferred format is a file in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich text or(.rtf) or plain text (.txt) format.

The submitted files be converted from these files to the appropriate GGN style

Any associated digital photgraphs or graphics (see photgraphs and graphics) should be provided separately from text files, i.e. graphics should not be embedded in the txt file

Photographs / Graphics

A page width photograph is 19 cm wide, and a single column width photograph is 9 cm wide.

Digital photographs and graphics should normally be sent in colour at as high a quality as possible (file size at least 1.5Mb for colour). Do not compress grphics files.

The production team will convert the material to 300 pixels per inch resolution and .tif format before inserting them into the bofdy of the magazine.

Where to submit material

Text for Articles, Letter to the Editor, and Obituaries for Lives Remembered should be emailed to the Editor at

Any accompanying photographs, graphics or logos should be emailed as (a number of) individual email attachments and should not be embedded in the text file.

Items for inclusion in the Diary and Forthcoming Events sections of the GGN should be directed to Diary Editor (Carole Slarks) at

For large files, there is a post box for Goring Gap News in Inspiration, 1 The Arcade, Goring, RG8 9AY, by courtesy of the proprietors, to which large digital files (and if absolutely necessary printed/written material) can be sent on memory stick (or CD) - in which case the device should be clearly labelled with instructions as to how it should be returned.

When to submit material by

Copy for each month's GGN is due to be received no later than 11.59pm on the following dates in 2018:

3 January
7 February
7 March
4 April
9 May
6 June
4 July
1 August
5 September
3 October
31 October for November issue
28 November for December issue