The Living Rainforest

A tropical environment only fifteen minutes from Goring

Some 60,000 visitors a year visit the Living Rainforest where they can see exotic orchids, carnivorous Piranha fish, tropical butterflies, plants that eat insects, pygmy marmosets and rare breed monkeys, even a dwarf crocodile!

A registered charity, the Rainforest has a mission to explore the relationship between humanity and the world's rainforests through education and research. To this end it has built up a large collection of plants together with small mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and insects from many rainforst environments.With the continuing destruction of the rainforests, some specimens held are now rare or even extinct in the wild. There are two separate ecosystems in the Rainforest, humid tropical and higher altitude tropical.


Water Lillies
Tree Frog

Open every day from 10am - 5.15pm (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day). Phone: 01635 202444. Website:

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